Sunday, February 28, 2010

On Standby

It's been a month since I last posted here and that well reflects my 40k activities these past four weeks. I certainly didn't expect that to happen so soon after starting this journal. I spent the first half of the month staring at a batch of Space Marine Scouts with sniper rifles but just could not get motivated to paint them. Meanwhile I had an intense desire to start painting guys for an entirely different game system (HORDES) and so found myself in a dilemma. I decided to follow my bliss and start work on the 30mm monsters, thereby putting my 40k projects on hold. I'm not sure how long it will take for me to get interested in returning to them, but based on how I feel right now, I doubt I will be coming back to work on more Marines... well, maybe Chaos Marines but more likely Orks or Imperial Guard. For now though I am just not interested enough in any of it for me to be excited about painting, especially those having anything to do with power armour. Perhaps going to AdeptiCon will get me psyched up again.

Yeah, so in other news I am getting ready to go to AdeptiCon which is right around a month away. I've abandoned my plan of taking a new Dark Angels army and have settled instead on using my old Chaos Marine army from six or more years ago. I haven't done anything new for them since the summer of 2004 and will probably need just a little bit of attention in order to have them as set for the trip to Chicago. I'm not registered for any gaming events but would like to have an army with me should I get the chance to participate in pick-up matches. I'm meeting up with an old gaming buddy of mine from many years ago and it would definitely be fun to square off against him. He will be playing in the 40k doubles team tournament so my plan is to take a 1000 point army following the same tournie restrictions to which he has to comply. Also I want to avoid as much painting as I can so I'm going to be using wherever I can guys who are already finished.

Based on those criteria, I have a good sense of the type of army I will be fielding. I'm still tinkering with army lists but so far I have the basic structure figured out. I want to use two or three squads of Chaos Marines with two of them mounted in Rhinos, a Plasma Cannon Dreadnought, and a pair of Obliterators. My HQ will probably be a Chaos Sorcerer who is only partially painted, and whatever points are left over will go to a squad of Summoned Lesser Daemons. I normally would like to take at least one Fast Attack unit but I'm not crazy about the choices and besides, I would rather not worry about trying to get anything ready in time. I've got some things assembled but I already know I won't have the points available to include them. I'll post a list once I'm satisfied with it... maybe pictures, too!