Thursday, April 22, 2010

System Redundancy

My 40k mojo is back! At the end of March I went to Adepticon and being around so many people passionate about the hobby restored my excitement for the game. Also it made it quite clear to me that I needed to stop screwing around with side projects and finally get to the army I want to do. So rather than chronically trying to work on six armies at once, I have resolved to focus in earnest on a single primary army. Maybe down the road I'll add a secondary army but I'm confident that my first choice will be able to sustain my interest for a long time.

Despite my rejuvenated enthusiasm for the game, I do not anticipate a similar upswing in posts here. I've started another weblog specifically for items related to my new Space Marines chapter, the Stonecutters. I'm sure I'll still have other 40k-type of projects along the way but most of them will probably be done in the context of my DIY chapter as part of their background or such. Therefore whatever hobby stuff I write about will also probably end up at the new blog. To be clear, I expect The Cold Vacuum of Space to be quiet for the time being.

I of course remain most at active at diceRolla. I may do some experimentation here as I try to think of how best to use this space. Thank you for your patience.