Saturday, December 18, 2010

Additional Images for DPotD

It's been a few hours and I'm back at it, a little groggy but nonetheless eager for more photo cropping and to continue learning what the "Effects" button of my iPhoto program is capable of doing. So far it appears to have some groovy tricks but I get the feeling I'll probably need to learn how to use a more sophisticated set of tools. For example, I would like to be able to change the color tone of photos but have not been able to figure out how to do that yet. Now that I'm using CVoS as my laboratory I rather enjoy this experimentation and look forward to learning how to do more with my pictures. Neat!

Okay, so here I am just doing more of the same as in my previous two posts, seen here and here. I've been tinkering with these photos now with an eye toward filling in some of the mental gaps in the story I'm piecing together. More importantly though I am continuing to develop my understanding of what I can do with a given set of pictures through editing and manipulation for the purposes of establishing a narrative and storytelling. When I took these pictures my plan was not to turn them into a story but simply to get some cool photos showing off my newly painted Plague Zombies. Right away though I saw potential in them and have been thinking about this since then. It's nice to finally see this taking shape.

I mentioned before not knowing how to transition between certain parts of the story. After extensive image searching, this is all I've been able to come up with to use as a bridge from the main body of the story to the conclusion. It may be rather crude but I kind of like it, especially after having made some adjustments to the original making it fit better into my sense of aesthetic. Yeah, it's kind of stupid and dumb, but that's fine by me.

Hah! How's that for your 40kGrimDark? Few things scream "41st Millennium" like neon lettering. I like it. :) By now I think I'm ready to begin writing the actual story to go along with the illustrations. At this rate Dawn Patrol of the Dead could be finished a whole lot sooner than I had expected.

I have become concerned, however, with the number of photos I plan on using to tell my story. I don't know what the practical limit is, I am just aware that for whatever reason posts with a lot of photos bother some people. I do not know why this is but would like to understand it so that I can account for any such potential problems. An alternative would be to break the story into two or three parts but so far I have trouble seeing any good places at which to split things up. There is much still to think about but I am enjoying the challenges of this immensely. Woo-hoo!

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