Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Orks and Marines

These are from a set of photos taken last September for a post concerning a pair of teams for Killzone. The Orks and Space Marines are very old miniatures and were painted a long time ago but they are still some of my favorites. I would like to write a battle report for one of their engagements and illustrate it with lots of dramatic pictures.

Uh-oh, I'm running out of pictures. Hmm... what to do? Also I think I've exhausted the "Effects" button and don't know what the next step is in my learning process. I would like to setup a little scene to try taking new photos but it's so busy now with Christmas and getting ready to move to Asheville. Perhaps I should wait until after the coming weekend.


  1. I miss those models, especially the Orks. The funny thing about the near-fixed second edition plastic Orks was that even before I converted them, I saw them as individuals - I knew each should be a unique Ork, so in my mind's eye that's how I saw them. More evidence the game really is about imagination.

    The depth in the second picture looks great, helped also by the barrier in the foreground. The terrain in both is very pretty. If you can get the camera lower, you'll add to the menace.

    Are you ready to release this on the world yet? If so, I'll link - it should help get more feedback.

  2. I too try my best to think of even the common troopers as individuals. It's probably a good thing I am all thumbs when it comes to greenstuff and conversions or else I might never get through a project. I am thankful the current generation of plastic kits include such varied pieces that even someone with hobby skills like mine can make models with personality. You're right about Orks, though. No matter what era, they've always seemed to me to have the most characterful miniatures. I think even the original boxed set of metal Orks from RT days was made up entirely of individual, named models.

    Thank you for the feedback on the pictures, that's a great suggestion regarding the menace factor. I actually do have a similar photo of the Orks from an even lower angle. I just looked and they do feel noticeably more menacing to me, thanks for pointing this out!

    As for pulling back the veil of mystery, once again you are quite wise. I would appreciate you adding a link on your blog whenever it is convenient for you. The super-secret-blog bit was something of a joke to begin with considering the nature of the internet. I just don't foresee talking too much about it for the time being over on diceRolla until I get a better handle on what I'm doing. There is actually a link over there that takes you to this blog, but it's not obvious. I know, it's silly. Hmm, maybe even too much for me. :)

    Thanks again, Porky, I appreciate your support!

  3. I'll put the link up now then. I'm not all that wise, but I'm glad it looks that way!

    I've got a post up at the moment on blogs wanting feedback. If you're willing, I'll update it with a mention and link from there too.

  4. Thank you, that would be great! I am grateful however you wish to proceed. Thanks, Porky!

  5. Done - I hope it brings some real wisdom!

  6. Love the second photo-unrelenting swathes of orcs! I'd lock myself in the basement if I saw those guys outside my window!

  7. Hahaha! Seeking shelter in the basement does sound like a smart course of action. Also remember a large can of green paint and a helmet-shaped buket are all you need to make a convincing Ork disguise. :) Thank you, Bartender!