Monday, December 20, 2010

Monster Horde

I really like painting monsters, they're some of my favorite miniatures. I'm fully onboard for Hordes because of the game's emphasis on huge, crazy, killy beasts and its wide catalog of awesomely monstrous miniatures to collect and paint. I'm still only in the earliest stages of learning the game and building up my collection but I am keen to delve further into the system. This year I managed to get a modest start on my Circle Orboros army which I look forward to continuing on in the new year in addition to getting my Skorne army underway. Oh and there's also the Gatormen for my Minions army to paint. As ever there is much to be done. :)

The background for Hordes (and Warmachine) lends itself very well to the type of pictorial storytelling in which I have become so fascinated. When I was introduced to the Privateer Press games I was turned off by the fact that all their casters and warlocks are named characters with rich, developed personal histories. I was so accustomed to the blank-slate nature of most HQ and Heroes units found in Games Workshop armies that I was very wary of playing a game lacking creative latitude in this regard. A couple of years ago I began to appreciate the Privateer Press approach to leader models for its own unique merits, understanding finally that in this way each game has a personalized backstory built into them. This will serve nicely I believe in providing the setup for lots of potential stories set on the continent of Immoren.

Apparently even Kaya the Wildborne can have trouble dealing with those grouchy Gorax warbeasts. They're just so quick to anger, it cannot be good for their health. It is a good thing she knows how to contain such savage outbursts. There is never a boring day in the Iron Kingdoms.

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