Saturday, December 18, 2010

Image Testing for DPotD

Over the last several months I have become interested in the narrative element of photographing miniatures and want to learn how to emphasize that aspect in my own pictures. The following photos are derived from those I took the day after Halloween which I celebrated by painting a small batch of Plague Zombies. I am using these pictures for now only as practice and to hopefully help me develop new skills, although I would like to make them into a story at some point. In this I have been inspired by several excellent blogs, but none more so than the compelling and always entertaining adventures of DOUBLE 0 SVEN. Warm regards, Bartender, I owe you a drink. :)

I do plan on working out the details of this story but that is for the future. I have a basic idea on what it will be about and even have in mind a working title:

Dawn Patrol of the Dead
(Coming soon to a 40k blog near you, enjoy the preview!)


Lol, I didn't know how to end this post so BRAINS will have to be good enough for now. If anyone should come across this and care to comment, please let me know what you think. Thanks!

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