Saturday, December 18, 2010

Technical Issues

Hmm, some problems appear to be popping up. Everything was going along fine until loading times slowed appreciably and now certain images look broken or screwy to me. My satellite internet provider is terrible and I remember this happening before on diceRolla when working with large numbers of pictures. This is why I thought it best to keep my experimenting here as I sort these issues out. I don't know why this problem happens, if it affects the way other people see things on the blog, or if it is just due to the lousiness of my internet service. Oh well, I don't have any answers so I'll just keep messing around I suppose. Back to the atom mill for me.

This next set of images are from a batch I used on diceRolla back in October in a sort of thank-you note to Col.Hessler of SADOUKAD 16. This was right around the time when I was first becoming really aware of the potential for narrative in photographing miniatures. It is interesting to return to these photos from even just a few months ago with new purpose. On these I have continued my testing of the "Effects" button.

I'm excited about the prospect of putting together a story using my 'Nids, Hive Fleet Hydra, and the new Raptors marines I am now collecting. In fact I'm really interested in attempting to chronicle all the wars waged across my tabletop, especially those for 40k, WHFB, and Warmahordes. That seems like it would be a fun new twist for my hobby. All of that will have to wait quite a while though as I would have lots of painting to do, both in miniatures and scenery, in order to do it well. That's okay as it will give me plenty of time to learn more about photographing my miniatures and working with the pictures on my computer. No need to worry, I'm sure I'll get the hang of this eventually....


  1. Wily! Looking top-notch already - can't wait till it really gets going! I'll add it to the blogroll when you give the word.

    You didn't see me...

  2. Thank you, good sir! The discussions we've had at Porky's Expanse! were a major influence in motivating me to finally start work on this project. I'm grateful for the inspiration and appreciate any feedback you care to give regarding my experiments here. Thanks!